The Final Report


We are very pleased with the outcome of our game. It has a clean, uniform look, and is very fun to play. It is very close to our original projected design, with the exception of networking.

What Went Right

* The menus have a very sleek, polished interface.

* The heads-up display presents data in a clean, readable manner.

* The 3d models went over very well. Setting up and loading content, drawing, and applying transformations. We even used UV mapping on them, which gave the game a very polished look.

* The sizing and setup of the tanks allowed for some easy use and modifications to test.

* The moving camera does a great job of keeping all the tanks in frame.

* The powerup system works great. We created 3 unique powerups and could easily add more later.

What Went Wrong

* The level editor isn't fully functional, and is very rough in many ways. It can create levels, but the ability to edit levels is not implemented.

* The UV mapping was very difficult and time consumming. We didn't get a chance to finish to the detail we would have liked.

* In the beginning our art files were way too large and we had to reduce and scale things more appropriately.

* Collisions took a long time to get working properly.

* Different controllers interface with the computer in different ways, making it hard to determine button configurations and controls.

Changes to the original design

* We stuck to our original design pretty closely. Networking was scrapped during development because of the amount of time we had remaining. We decided that it was more valuable to polish the single-player game than to continue debugging the networked game.

* Another modification to our original design was giving players more control over their ships. The game requires more skill and strategy when you can control your ship, and it ultimately more fun.

* We also added a soccer mode, which was beyond the scope of our original design. This allows for a wider array of gameplay than just the deathmatch mode.

* Any other differences from our original design were not changes per se, but things we were unable to complete in the given time. Our game follows the principles of our design with suprising accuracy.

If we had more time, we would do the following:

* Add "soccer" mode. It was partially implemented but scrapped due to lack of time.

* Implement the level editor to it's full capabilities

* Network the game to play over the internet, on separate screens

* Create a wider variety of more dynamic sound effects and music

* Keep track of player's statistics through profiles

* Allow upgrading of ships, including different types of guns and armor

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